About MeteoVista

CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

MeteoVista is at the heart of society. Nothing is talked about more than the weather. With our diversity of products we reach a large public. Our website Weeronline.nl attracts about one and a half million visitors weekly.

This position gives MeteoVista the opportunity to support the charity Homeless Child. Homeless Child is committed to helping underprivileged women and children in Honduras, by giving them shelter and education amongst other things. A small team of volunteers make a heart-warming difference to this group of people!

To be able to make a contribution to Homeless Child’s good work, MeteoVista gives the Homeless Child Foundation a communication platform. This collaboration also means that Homeless Child Foundation regularly gets attention on the website. In this way we keep you in touch with the developments and activities of Homeless Child.

Read more about the work of Homeless Child here   (Dutch website)

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